Easy in, securely out

When you need to make a lot of deposits throughout the day, a depository safe is an effective way to ensure that multiple individuals can drop cash, checks, and more into the safe, while maintaining security and protection until it’s time to withdraw. With engineering that allows deposits to be made through the deposit door, while also preventing phishing attempts, you’ll have peace of mind that items can only be retrieved by an authorized user.

There are several companies who manufacture custom safes but American Security has been doing it longer and doing it better.— Jay HuntSafe & Vault Store

Front Load

A perfect item to use for cash management purposes. Using the elegantly simple design, users place items to be deposited in the front-facing deposit door. Cash, checks, and documents will be safely kept until unlocked by an authorized user.

Rear Load

Rear load safes add another layer of protection to your securely deposited cash by allowing you to place your safe in a separate secure room, while the deposit chute is accessible to cashiers on the other side of the wall.

Top Load

Top loaders operate similarly to front loading deposit safes, but top loaders have a slot or rotary hopper located on top. These are well-suited to large deposits and situations where dumping items into the hopper would be most convenient.

Need Help Deciding?

Your safe should be tailored to your needs. Find the one that measures up to whatever you’re protecting.