Keeping your business safe

Whether it’s keeping control over your controlled medications or safely storing a business’s cash handling, our safes and services ensure compliance to regulations and can easily adapt to your business’s unique storage needs and security concerns.

When I first got together with AMSEC, they listened to our pain points and took a lot of notes…We worked with AMSEC towards a common goal to build a really great smart safe, for both the manufacturer and user.— Anne SullivanDirector of Loss Prevention of CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

Quick Serve Needs Quicker Cash Management

Whether your specialty is burgers, burritos, sandwiches, falafel or pizza – consistency is key to your QSR’s success. And when “quick” is in the name of your business, every facet of your business must be approached with rigid consistency and agility – including your store’s ability to manage cash. And the smart money is on smart safes from American Security.

Handy Access and Tough Security for Convenience Stores

You provide convenience to your customers. It’s in the name. Let American Security provide you with convenience when it comes to your cash handling. Entrust your cash deposits to the impenetrable strength of our CashWizard safes, and what’s more, you’ll gain the ability to automatically count cash as it goes in, keep track of balances remotely, and partner with an armored courier. Now that’s convenient.

Protect Your Green

The dispensary business is booming, and as a proprietor who handles a lot of cash, you know that this new industry isn’t without its unique challenges. When you need a secure but smart way to process revenue, American Security provides cash handling solutions that are ideally-suited to forward-thinking businesses.

The Future of Grocery Store Cash Handling

Modernize your grocery store and reduce the risk of miscounts. With CashWizard safes from American Security, you’ll have the assurance that every bill has been accurately counted and safely locked away. With CashWizard, you can view your counts from your smartphone in real time, take control of your nuisance cash, and enjoy the security of an armored courier. Save time and money by simplifying your cash handling.

A Driving Force Behind Secure and Efficient Cash-Handling

The automotive industry is all about keeping things moving, and that’s exactly what American Security’s CashWizard safes do for automotive businesses. No need to drop everything and count cash when your time would be better spent on other parts of the business. Instantly count your deposits, keep track of your balance remotely, and send it safely to the bank at the optimal time with an armored courier, minimizing micro-deposits and the possibility of in-transit theft.

Full Compliance for Controlled Medications

American Security’s pharmacy safes are explicitly engineered to the demanding specifications of the Board of Pharmacy, ensuring that you are compliant with current regulations. Additionally, each pharmacy safe uses a time-delay lock which pharmacists can trigger to stall criminals long enough for law enforcement to arrive.

Less Time Handling With Cash, More Time on Your Specialties

Specialty retail stores are the lifeblood of the economy. Though useful, big box retail shops typically offer a little bit of everything, but lack the depth of unique items that a specialty store can. Whether you sell books, guitars, sporting goods, or something else, you’re passionate about your product, and you likely want to spend as much of your working time as possible focusing on it, and servicing your most discerning customers.

Nurture your growing business's cash flow

At every stage of your company’s growth, it’s critical to make good decisions that foster the business and maximize the money coming in, while minimizing unnecessary fees and expenditures. One excellent place to save money is the processing of your physical cash.

Streamline your cash-handling at any stage of business

American Security’s CashWizard line of safes is a proven solution to making cash-processing faster and more accurate, eliminating miscount fees and micro deposits. All of this strengthens your bottom line while making your employees happier and more efficient.

Take That to the Bank

Business owners aren’t the only people that reap the benefits of CashWizard safes. Financial institutions like banks and credit unions, as well as armored couriers, also see greater efficiency and convenience from the use of American Security’s CashWizard smart safes.

Need Help Deciding?

Your safe should be tailored to your needs. Find the one that measures up to whatever you’re protecting.