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Since 1946 American Security has been the premiere US manufacturer of custom-made safe solutions for businesses just like yours. In fact, we’re the brand that more locksmiths recommend than any other safe company. When it comes to high security safes, we’re driven by a commitment to excellence and to secure what matters most to you.

The better cash-handling solution for automotive businesses

The automotive industry is all about keeping things moving, and that’s exactly what American Security’s smart safes do for automotive businesses. No need to drop everything and count cash when your time would be better spent on other parts of the business. Automatically count your deposits, keep track of your balance remotely, and as an added feature send it safely to the bank at the optimal time with an armored courier, eliminating the possibility of in-transit theft.

Many of our clients, especially those who sell high-value goods like cars, their parts, and related services, have told us about the difficulties they face handling cash. Cash can be messy and cumbersome, and counting it is monotonous and very prone to human error, which can result in compounding bank fees when the count is off. Additionally, transporting large sums of cash to the bank by yourself can be risky at best and flat-out dangerous at worst.

American Security offers a much better solution with CashWizard. No need to worry about counting cash yourself, as CashWizard quickly and accurately counts each bill automatically as it’s fed into the safe and easily detects and rejects counterfeit bills.

With 24/7 visibility from CashWizard’s secure cloud reporting system, every transaction, every deposit, every change order, every courier pick up is visible.. With American Security’s smart safe you’ll also get alerts when a courier has missed a pick up so you can reschedule and keep your cash flowing in the right direction.

Make your cash situation simpler, so you can focus on the things that truly matter to your business.

I log into the secure cloud portal from my office and can see exactly how much money was deposited after each shift—as well as run a variety of in-depth analytics and reports. At the end of the day, it significantly freed up my time and ultimately provided me with peace of mind.— Kalpesh PatelOwner & Co-Founder, Food n Fuel

Say goodbye to nuisance cash

Not all automotive businesses are high cash volume enterprises. Keep your cash safe and secure until it’s time to deposit, keep accurate counts, and schedule an armored courier when it’s time and no sooner, to make every deposit big enough to be worth it.

Secure storage for keys, cash and essential documents

Each one of our safes undergo rigorous testing to be certified at every level of fire and burglary protection in order to be called American Security and to confidently safeguard valuables like keys, cash and essential documents. Find the level of protection that’s right for your automotive business by choosing from a wide variety of options starting with simple 30-minute fire-rated electronic safes all the way up to 2-hour fire and burglary protection for your garage, at point-of-sale or your back office. Get peace of mind knowing your automotive safe is backed by the industry’s best safe warranty.

Cash Management Starts With CashWizard™️

Case Study

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As Founder and Co-owner for several businesses in various industries, entrepreneur Kalpesh Patel found himself having to devote more time than he would have liked to the management of cash in his gas station and convenience store.
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