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There are more than 157,000 medium to big businesses operating in the US today. Among them are casinos, manufacturers, distributors, food and beverage purveyors, high tech companies, professional and legal services, transportation, oil and other businesses. So if you’re a big business with assets that need protecting, do what thousands of your peers have already done, and turn to American Security for the best in enterprise-level high security safe solutions to protect what is most important to your big business.

Streamline your cash-handling at any stage of business

Is cash management a big part of your big business? Prevent theft and accidental loss the smart way – with a smart safe from American Security. American Security’s CashWizard™ smart safe is built toughest in the industry and is a proven solution to making cash-processing faster, safer and more accurately. Franchises of large food and beverage chains often see an annual operational savings of $7,000 per store after installing the CashWizard smart safe solution.

The ability to manage the smart safe or fleet of smart safes remotely with a highly secure online platform is one of the most significant advantages of the CashWizard system. Highly detailed custom permissions that allow employees and managers to perform their job duties can be set at the corporate level or by the store owner.

Manual cash counts and end of day closeouts take up precious time that employees and managers could otherwise spend on running the business. CashWizard automates many tedious manual processes that are prone to human error and theft. The smart safe can be used in conjunction with courier service or can be a control point for operations in which the manager takes the deposit to the bank. And suddenly, minimally visible cash transactions are given full transparency when viewed in the cloud. Every action from deposits, to change orders, to end-of-day balancing, down to the individual user login info can be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

When you are so spread out there are challenges with consistency, and cash handling is one of the biggest challenges. The biggest benefit is the access in the cloud to all the CashWizard safes. We can program every setting – from who can access the safe to what they can access in terms of the level of security. It is all about risk management and security. The CashWizard provides financial and operational visibility.” — Jordan PrellFinance Manager for BLD

High security and innovation at large scales

Since 1946, American Security has been the enterprising safe solution for big business and has pioneered more firsts in the safe market than any other brand in order to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of commerce. We’ve spent 75+ years growing relationships with some of the biggest most recognizable brands in the world. These companies trust American Security to protect high valued assets and large volumes of operating cash from burglary and fire with high security solutions like American Security’s AmVault series of safes. We offer multitude of UL-certified safes to help meet insurance requirements and provide you with peace of mind.

Make big deposits with confidence

Depository safes have many names, but just one goal – to protect your cash and goods from fire and theft. American Security offers a dozen different drop safes to securely store register tills, change orders or commercial deposits. Our deposit safes are built with anti-pry and fish-resistant storage capacities in large and extra large sizes. Our safes can be equipped with a range of locks that with different feature sets like time delay, time lock and multiuser configurations. As the safe brand recommended by more locksmiths than any other, get peace of mind that your small business is protected by big security solutions from American Security.

Cash Management Starts With CashWizard™️

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