Go Keyless

SureAccess™ provides a secure safe access method that enables courier success on 100% of pickups.


Choose SureAccess™ for guaranteed pick-ups every time

Pickups are often missed due to lost or forgotten keys or because of an unusually busy day or week, and can result in a safe that is full earlier than the scheduled pick up.

Retailers can eliminate the key management hassle and optimize cash operations with the keyless courier access alternative: SureAccess™, exclusively available with CashWizard™ and SafeWizard™ smart safes.

SureAccess Flow

SureAccess is a patent-pending new technology that puts access to the safe in the palm of the courier’s hands via an android-based handheld device or cell phone. Subscribe to SureAccess™ and American Security will enable  designated courier(s) to use SureAccess to access the safes. All couriers have to do is arrive on site, scan the safe’s secure QR code with their handheld device and key in a confirmation code. American Security’s smart safes will verify the code and unlock the door or hold access pending for manager verification, as configured.

For a product demonstration of CashWizard™ or SafeWizard™ smart safes, featuring the keyless courier app SureAccess™, call (800) 421-6142 or fill out a product interest request.