Configure doors for easy organization

To add even more storage space and organization to your gun safe, consider American Security's Door Organizer Retrofit Kits. Easily installed onto any American Security gun safe, a door organizer conveniently holds your most often used items where you can easily access them.

With eight mounting brackets, our retrofit kits securely attach to the inner panel of your safe door, providing a taut, stable hold, preventing the organizer from flapping or jostling and banging your important items. Strong, adjustable Velcro straps allow you to move and configure some modular components to customize the layout of your organizer to best suit your needs, while keeping a reliable hold without dropping items.

Considering that gun safes contain items that are used in high-stakes situations, it makes sense to keep them well-organized with important items kept in easy-to-reach places. Make your gun safe easier to maneuver by keeping important items front and center using one of American Security’s Door Organizer Retrofit Kits.