Whatever you want to protect, we have a safe that can hold it

Considerations for Utility Safes

The ideal safe for you hinges on a handful of different factors, so it pays to think carefully about how the safe will be used before making a choice.

Home or Business?

Needless to say, your home and your place of work face different problems and conditions. Business safes will likely need to have a handful of authorized users, and may need to have stronger protections and technological considerations, allowing them to both facilitate business effectively while also standing up to the threat of armed robbery.


If you only expect to be storing a few smaller valuables within a utility safe, you’ll likely have your needs met by a smaller safe. However, as the number and size of your values grows, so does the size of the safe you’ll need to lock them in.

Security Needs

You may wish to keep your safe concealed from view, and less visible to unauthorized users. This can be facilitated by considering an out-of-the-way, inconspicuous safe such as a floor or wall safe.


If you are hoping to match your safe to the overall design of your home or business, assess the safe’s exterior color and overall shell appearance, so as to best match it to your interior design.