Drop it with total confidence

Rear load safes add another layer of protection to your securely deposited cash by allowing you to place your safe in a separate secure room, while the deposit chute is accessible to cashiers on the other side of the wall.

A rear-loading depository safe is handy for applications of high frequency deposits and low frequency withdrawals, especially when those depositing aren’t under your employ. The rear drop slot can be situated against a wall or partition to align neatly with a corresponding slot in the wall itself. This allows your customers, clients, or general members of the public to deposit cash, checks, and documents through the wall to be retrieved by an authorized user at a later time. This is a smart option for companies who need to collect rent, donations, applications, and other small secure items.

Many of American Security’s rear load depository safes can even attach an extended hopper that chutes deposits from a wall several feet away, securely into the body of the safe. This allows you to situate the safe further away from the wall itself when placing it directly against the wall is not feasible, convenient, or advisable.