Fire-rated Safes That Can Stand the Heat

American Security’s greatest priority is that our safes offer the absolute highest levels of security and strength. Though most people first tend to think of a safe as a means of theft prevention, we also measure a safe’s toughness by its fire resistance.

In order for a safe of ours to achieve a UL Class 350 1-hour rating, it needs to pass Intertek’s independent tests. An accredited safe can withstand a full hour in a furnace at external temperatures of 1700ºF, without reaching 350ºF on the inside. For reference, an average house fire typically reaches temperatures over 1100ºF, so a safe rated by these standards can be highly effective protection should fire strike your home.

Gun Safe Owners Share Their Story: The Paradise Fire

The Paradise California Fire destroyed 13,972 residences and 528 businesses. When residents were allowed to return to where their homes once stood, the landscape was leveled except for a lone American Security gun safe. Although the hinges were burnt completely off, it still took locksmith, Mike Harper, 2.5 hours to drill out the lock and pry open the BF-7240.

When the door was finally opened Mike’s customer gasped with joy “the paperwork is still perfect – that’s all our birth certificates, pink slips, diplomas…look they’re perfect!” and looking over her gun collection she continued to marvel that they were in “perfect condition.”