Secure your important documents and cash in the event of fire

Fire is a destructive force of nature and when it sweeps through your home, paper items like cash and documents are easily incinerated. Unlike many other forms that money takes, cash is a fragile thing – once the physical item is destroyed, that money is lost forever. And many of the important documents in our lives are a huge hassle to replace in their own right. Both however, can be kept safe from destruction when you have an American Security fireproof document safe guarding your documents and cash.

“Fire proof” as a term, while descriptive, can sometimes be misleading without context. The realm of conditions that a fire can produce is wide and varied, and astounding temperatures can be reached. That’s the reason why “fire proof” needs to be contextualized with the temperature ranges and time-tables involved. Fire proof describes the ability of our safes to withstand fire damage, while the term “fire resistance”, accompanied by a specific time frame, describes the particular amount of time the safe can be expected to stand up to fire of a certain temperature.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent safety and quality certification company, rates our safes at a variety of different fire resistance ratings depending on their capabilities. If a safe has a UL Class 350 1-hour rating, this indicates that it can handle external temperatures of 1700ºF for one hour without the inner temperature reaching higher than 350ºF. The higher the amount of time specified in the UL Class 350 rating, the longer period of time that the safe can withstand the flames and heat.