Out of sight, out of danger

When your gun safe is out of the immediate line of sight, an unwelcome person is much less likely to come across it and attempt opening. Thwart would-be thieves, small children and other unauthorized persons before they ever come in contact with the safe itself, by using a hidden gun safe.

A Note About Under-Bed Home Defense Gun Safes

One major reason that many gun-owners keep a firearm in the house is to defend their home from would-be intruders. In this use-case, it makes sense to use an under-bed gun safe for a handful of different reasons.

Consider what may happen in the event of a home invasion. Though most burglaries tend to take place during the day, when you’re likely out of the house, night-time break-ins still happen. At night, people are more likely to be at home and in bed. If someone breaks into your home while you’re actually there, the typical scenario would be that household occupants are woken by an unexpected noise, which they then investigate. In that scenario, ideally your gun should be close at hand. The worst scenario during a break-in is to be unarmed and searching some other part of your house for a gun while you suspect a stranger is nearby.

Another reason an under-bed gun safe is a wise idea, is that it’s out of the way. For many, a gun collection can be a point of pride, but some people don’t want to flaunt the fact that they have one, and they only reveal it when the situation calls for it. In those cases, under the bed is a perfect spot that, while convenient, isn’t immediately visible, and it’s less likely to be located by an unauthorized person or opportunistic burglar.

A final point to consider with under-bed gun safes is the practical matter of storage space. Many people keep gun safes in their closets — a valid option — but what if you prefer to use that space for something else? Though under-bed storage options exist, less people tend to regularly make use of those, so the open real estate that likely sits unoccupied here makes for a convenient spot to place a small gun-safe, which won’t see particularly frequent use.