Safe and proper storage for your long guns

Here at American Security, many of us who build gun safes are active sportsmen and women, shooters and hunters. Nobody understands the importance of keeping a collection of firearms secure from damage and theft better than us.

But where in your home you place your safe depends on a variety of factors. If you’re hoping to be more discreet with your gun safe, you’ve probably already picked out an area in your home that is relatively out of the way, like the garage or a large closet. But American Security offers a wide variety of sizes of gun safes, meant to store rifles and shotguns, that will fit almost any room, neatly and discreetly.

Gun owners know that even the smallest scratch or nick can be the point of entry for rust and can compromise your firearms. To further reduce the risk of damage to your collection, our safes are manufactured with a dry concrete fill to prevent moist air from building up in the safe. If humidity is a concern of yours, American Security sells dehumidifying dry rods as a compliment to any safe.