Advanced safes, directly aimed at handguns and pistols

Handguns and pistols are a lightweight, versatile alternative to bulkier firearms. They’re the go-to weapons that those with concealed carry permits have in their holster. Though comparatively small, handguns and pistols require just as much care and responsibility as a larger weapon. If you own any handguns, consider investing in a handgun safe that is specifically designed to hold multiple smaller weapons.

Handheld firearms are popular with hunters and survivalists. Considering their wide range of uses, it only makes sense to have a security and storage solution that complement each other. When your gun collection consists of pistols and other handguns, but does not feature longer-barreled weapons, why not use a more discreet, compact style of handgun safe?

Without sacrificing the security and quality you’ve come to expect from American Security, we’ve engineered a wide assortment of multiple handgun safes that keep a collection together with an equal dose of protection and style.

Regardless of the guns in your collection, you need a secure storage solution. For smaller, handheld weapons such as pistols or other handguns, it’s just as important to keep them secure as it is to do so with any other weapon. Whether it’s a place to put your pistol, or a dedicated Magnum 40-gun safe, American Security has the equipment to keep your armory safely locked away.

With a variety of options to suit your lifestyle and your specific storage needs, AMSEC guarantees that we have a safe that can handle exactly your use-case. Browse our collection today to find your perfect solution.