Money Chest TL-30 Plate Safes

Money Chest TL-30 Plate Safes provide cash-heavy businesses such as retail stores, pawnshops, jewelers, fast-food restaurants, dispensaries, and salons with outstanding protection from fire and theft. All DXF and CDXF models are available in a variety of sizes and customizable to meet your needs and tastes. Constructed of 1" thick laminated steel with hardened drill resistant plate, they have earned U.L. listed TL-30 labels for their ability to endure professional break-in attempts with tools like sledgehammers, power saws, carbide disc cutters, and drills for 30 minutes.

Also in the product line are American Security DXE and CDXE TL-15 models. Designed with 1/2" thick solid steel plate doors, they can withstand the same rigorous onslaught for 15 minutes and have received U.L. listed TL-15 classifications.

All Money Chest Plate Safes carry two-hour, 350-degree Fahrenheit factory fire test certifications to defend your cash from intense heat and fire.