Business Safes Offering Burglary and Fire Protection

Our Commercial Security Safe (CSC) series is an excellent fit for your place of business. Designed in a variety of sizes, the CSC series safes offer a hardy construction, boasting a body with 2-5/8-inch double-wall steel. Protecting your cash and other valuable business assets from more than just burglaries, the walls contain a proprietary fire-resistant material that earns these safes a UL Class 350 120-minute fire rating. Keep your business safe with American Security's CSC Series.

American Security’s CSC safes are independently verified and tested by Underwriters Laboratories for both burglary attacks and fire. Under extreme condition tests, these safes are certified to withstand temperatures of 1700ºF for two hours at a time without the interior breaking 350ºF. Your business’ cash, documents, and other assets can stay in top security in a commercial safe that’s up for anything.