The Different Types of Money Safes, Explained

Money safes are popular for securing assets at work and home. You may be thinking I put my money in a bank account, so I don’t need a safe.

There are many benefits to owning a safe. They provide protection for assets and documents against theft, fire or water damage, and more.

There is a wide selection of safes available to meet your particular needs. You need to consider the safe size, cost, and type when making a selection. Keep reading to learn about some available options.

Depository Safes

There are many kinds of depository safes. They’re the most common “money safe” one would encounter in a business setting. Some depository safes have been specifically designed to fit under counters in order to provide point-of-sale protection. When cash or a check is received the employee drops the funds into a slot in the safe. This is ideal for businesses taking in a steady stream of cash throughout the day like coffee bars and fast food joints..

Still, many more money safes can be found in a business’ back office and are large enough to store cash register tills and bank deposit bags. The TL-30 Depository Safe provides two hours of fire protection and is rated to withstand a serious 30 minute attack by would-be-theives. The proprietary high-strength concrete safe includes two adjustable shelves, three lock-in bolts in the top door, and two lock-in bolts in the bottom door. The bottom door has an auxiliary lock for dual control or armored car pickup. These kinds of safes are idea for overnight secure storage of cash.

Smart Safes

A smart safe accepts cash, validating and recording it at the same time. It is deemed “smart” because of its ability to connect with point-of-sale software, internet, and back-office systems. This provides you with real-time information about the safe’s contents and provides a paper trail of every transaction.

The Cash Wizard Smart Safe comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. The smallest version has one door that includes a single or bunch note reader. The unit includes dead latch locking mechanisms and anti-pry doors.

This safe is a good choice for cash and coin recyclers. The capacity is 1,200 notes and features a CashWizard electronic lock. With a spill-resistant keypad and printer, and 60% thicker steel than competing models on the market, this safe is ideal for coffee bars and fast food establishments as well as retail mall shops, casual dinging and convenience stores too.

The largest version of this safe has three doors, a 4,400 note capacity, and a SafeWizard II electronic lock.

In-Room Hotel Safe

We’re pretty sure you’ve used, or at least seen one of these safes before. Travelers can secure assets such as cash, jewelry, and passports, in an in-room electronic safe. This makes the traveler, not the hotel, responsible for securing their assets.

There are others living in limited space that benefit from storing cash, deeds, birth certificates, and more in the IRC915 in-room hotel safe. Using a 4-digit combination and easy-to-read LED display, the heavy-duty steel construction makes this an ideal choice.

The roomy interior can hold tablets and most laptop computers, making it ideal for college students. With two anchor holes and mounting hardware, full-time RVers will enjoy the ability to easily hide this safe in their rig.

Small At Home Safe

The IRC915’s close cousin, the EST813 electronic safe, is an ideal money safe for your home. It’s small, light and secure, built with 14ga. solid steel and features an E-lock with large LCD display. It can be concealed anywhere throughout your home – in your desk, nightstand, a closet or even your pantry. And while cleverly concealing your safe out of view from prying eyes is your first and best defense against attacks, this safe can also be bolted to the wall, floor or heavy piece of furniture.

BFII Gun Safe

While you may not think about this when seeking a money safe, the BFII safe is the only domestically produced safe of its kind. The smallest version of this safe measures 59.25 x 24 x 21” and will easily handle all your guns, cash, and other assets.

The safe is U.L. certified with RSCII burglary protection. This means the safe will withstand a ten-minute attack by technicians using aggressive tools.

This safe features a ½ solid plate door and is ETL certified to provide 120 minutes of fire protection. An ETL mark means the safe is compliant with the North American Safety Standards.

The ½” thick steel plate door, group 2M lock with proprietary patented hard plate, and TL-15 boltwork with ten 1-1/2” chrome-plated bolts provide security.

Shop for Money Safes

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