July 4th we were at a family members house down the road having dinner. All of a sudden we hear a really big boom and it came from my house. Upon arrival the house was on fire. No one as seriously injured and all the pets made it out fine. I went in the house to grab a few irreplaceable items but the smoke and heat were getting intolerable. I shoved the safe door closed trusting its quality with my belongings. I left the house to join my wife only to watch it burn to the ground.

We went back the next day to inspect the damage and what we found was devastating. Pretty much a complete loss. Eventually I come to my safe and to my surprise it seemed to be in tact. Later that day I hooked a chain around the safe and drug it through the remains of the house to outside. Myself and 3 other men formed a plan to open the safe. It took about 45 minutes but we were in. Everything and I mean everything inside the safe was unharmed. Birth certificates, social security cards, passports, class 3 nfa tax stamp paperwork, vehicle titles, spare keys were all found unharmed as well.

I wanted to share my story because I have solid proof that American security builds a top notch product. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself. I also want to say that the the customer service that I have received is above and beyond. American security has offered to replace my safe free of charge. Try that on for size. This is why you buy an American product. I can’t say enough good things about AMSEC!!!

It’s companies like AMSEC that make life just a little bit easier in hard times. Huge thank you to American security for building an awesome safe and having awesome customer service!!!