Customize your safe for optimum storage and security

In addition to being of exceptional quality and toughness, American Security's safes are also customizable, with accessories that can augment and complement the capabilities of your safe. You have the option to add tools, gadgets, and attachments that help you organize, secure, and preserve your most valued items.

Whether you’d like to add organizational tools to your safe to keep things tidy, illuminate the interior for enhanced visibility, or even dehumidify to limit the chance of condensation and rusting on guns or other valuables, American Security has a selection of add-on accessories that make your safe even more personalized to your needs and lifestyle.

Adding accessories to your safe make it feel more like your own. When everything comes together to make your secure storage an intuitive experience that feels natural and easy, the safe not only becomes more functional and helpful, but it also becomes more fun to use, encouraging you to store more of your priceless items inside, and protect more of your cherished belongings.