The best part about the CashWizard smart safe with integrated tube vend is that it allows me to manage the cash we take in remotely.

When it comes to owning a 24-hour gas station and convenience store, effective time management is the key to success. As Founder and Co-owner for several businesses in various industries, entrepreneur Kalpesh Patel found himself having to devote more time than he would have liked to the management of cash in his gas station and convenience store.

Every day, Kalpesh would have to drive through heavy traffic to his c-store, where he would perform a variety of time-consuming cash management tasks including processing the daily deposit and making change readily available for his cashiers. Once change was made for the day, Kalpesh would store the change in a lockbox in which multiple people had access. This meant multiple shifts were exchanging from the same lockbox— with zero accountability, which was a huge security concern.

“I needed a solution that would allow me to improve the efficiencies of the cash management for my gas station while simultaneously offering improved security and accountability over the old safe we were using,” said Kalpesh. “Ideally, the solution would allow me to manage all aspects of the cash we take in from a remote location, such as my off-site office. This would free up more of my time each day—and that would allow me to focus on my other businesses.”

Kalpesh turned to his trusted armored courier, GardaWorld, for advice. They suggested he check out AMSEC. After visiting the website and conferring with several other colleagues who owned gas stations, Kalpesh decided upon the CashWizard Smart Safe with Tube Vend Dispenser by AMSEC.

It offered several innovative solutions including a sensor that counted tubes being loaded and dispensed and remote visibility to the inventory levels of the dispenser that would help improve the efficiencies of his cash management practices while providing a superior level of physical protection.

The CashWizard with integrated Tube Vend Dispenser allows each employee to dispense change directly from the machine, which means that each person is accountable for their till and no more shared lockbox. This eliminated the need for Kalpesh to hire an additional manager to supervise the cash count—or physically come into the gas station after each shift.

Most tube vend systems require manual counting of deposited money, but AMSEC’s CashWizard Smart Safe has sensors that automatically detect and accurately count the number of tubes being deposited.

“The best part about the CashWizard smart safe with integrated tube vend is that it allows me to manage the cash we take in remotely, Kalpesh remarked. “I log into the secure cloud portal from my office and can see exactly how much money was deposited after each shift—as well as run a variety of in-depth analytics and reports. At the end of the day, it significantly freed up my time and ultimately provided me with peace of mind.”

In addition to the multiple layers of physical security, the CashWizard Smart Safe provided Kalpesh with a more advanced counterfeit detection technology than the traditional detection pen his employees were using. It utilizes a MEI SC Advance® bill reader that uses a full spectral analysis with Transmissive arrays of light to look completely through each note and validate its authenticity. This provides for a much higher detection rate than a standard counterfeit detection pen.

“My employees love the safe,” Kalpesh remarked. “Nobody likes to count cash, and the CashWizard Smart Safe with the tube vend dispenser helps automate a good portion of their job. They can dispense their own change directly from the safe. This allows a single person to run the entire gas station and a convenience store without the need for a manager or myself to be on-premise.”