How the Katz Family’s Valuables Survived Colorado’s Devastating Marshall Fire

The Marshall Fire – December 2021, Boulder County, CO

Officer Michael Katz and his family had just arrived in California for New Year’s celebrations, looking forward to some much-needed time with friends and family. Unknown to them, back in their neighborhood in Boulder County, Colorado, the now infamous Marshall Fire was spreading at an alarming rate, posing a huge threat to not just Officer Katz’s home but more than a thousand others in the area. 

After being at the hotel for approximately 90 minutes, I received a call from one of my best friends at work informing me of the fire. We immediately went back to the airport and got on a flight back to Denver. Being in that airplane was the longest two and a half hours of our lives.” 

– Officer Michael Katz, American Security Customer

Fueled by winds reaching speeds over 100 mph, the Marshall Fire quickly became one of the most devastating wildfires in Colorado’s history, destroying over 1,000 homes and tragically causing the deaths of 2 individuals. The fire was so intense that the windows of nearby patrol cars shattered.

Amidst the chaos, Colorado authorities, including the National Guard and Boulder County Sheriff’s Department, sealed off the area to protect individuals from the hazardous conditions and prevent potential looting.

An Unexpected Discovery

Upon reaching the house, Officer Katz found the property reduced to ashes. Remarkably, the only structure still intact was a single, cube-shaped object peeking from the now exposed basement: Officer Katz’s American Security gun safe, model NF6036. The only real damage was cosmetic; burned-up paint, discolored structural materials, and melted plastic. Aside from its outer damage, the safe was the last recognizable object left in the basement. However, once the safe was discovered as the only thing intact, Officer Katz had to leave the area.

Safe in basement survived fire






  • UL certified RSC burglary protection
  • 1/4″ solid steel plate door
  • ETL certified 90 minute fire protection
  • Gunmetal gray with black nickel hardware
  • Lifetime warranty against theft and fire
  • AC power outlet with removable cord

Aftermath: Returning to the Scene of the Fire

2 days after the fire, Officer Katz managed to secure a ride in a marked patrol car to re-enter his neighborhood. After navigating even stricter entry protocols, he made his way back to his home to recover the contents from his safe. Upon opening the safe, he was struck by the impeccable condition of his family’s belongings. 

Inside, every firearm sat untouched, nearly pristine aside from a light covering of soot and ash. A portion of Officer Katz’s wife’s valuable coin collection, located in the safe, was completely preserved, with zero indication that it had gone through any disaster. All in all, the contents were completely untouched.

Contents of the NF Gun Safe

After the fire, the only things we had left were the firearms and other valuables we’d left in our American Security safe. American Security makes an incredible product.”

– Officer Michael Katz, American Security Customer

Impact and Transformation

The American Security safe had not only protected their valuables but had provided a rare sense of relief amidst the devastation.

This experience profoundly impacted Officer Katz. He was initially drawn to American Security after a previous safe from another manufacturer failed him, but the performance of his American Security safe during the Marshall Fire solidified his trust in our brand. Officer Katz’s testimonial is a powerful testament to the quality and protection American Security’s products provide. 

Keeping Valuables Safe in the Face of Unexpected Disaster

No matter the type of disaster or emergency, we remain dedicated to pouring the utmost diligence into our products. 

But Officer Katz’s story isn’t just a testament to the quality of our safes. More importantly, it helps us understand how crucial it is to own a reliable product that helps individuals to be prepared for the unexpected. 

Thank you, Officer Katz, for allowing us to share your story. 

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