The CashWizard Smart Safe significantly improved our cash management practices from the day we first installed it. — CFO OF NUDY’S CAFES

Carl Stratton is the CFO of Nudy’s Cafes, a chain of delectable breakfast and lunch diners located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Each of the 12 locations serves up hand-crafted, freshly made food in an upscale setting that offers patrons an authentic neighborhood dining experience.

When Carl came on board as CFO, he immediately noticed a big problem. Nudy’s was using traditional dumb safes that significantly contributed to their cash management problems. Each diner location was forced to make a daily deposit into the safe and use couriers to pick up the cash—if a courier was late, the location was left with money in the safe and a whole host of security concerns.

In addition to the challenge of being an extremely busy diner that was using a traditional dumb safe, there was a personnel problem as well. Managers, servers, and cashiers were often moved around between locations to help train and support new hires. This led to managers having to remember multiple safe combos and limited accountability for cash chain of custody.

Carl started to search for a viable solution to mitigate these problems. “I went looking for a safe that would help improve our cash flow by first improving our cash management practices,” he said.

“After a few weeks of extensive research, and hearing the glowing reviews from other restaurant owners, I decided upon the CashWizard Smart Safe from American Security.”

“The CashWizard Smart Safe significantly improved our cash management practices from the day we first installed it,” Carl remarked. “I really like the web reporting feature as it allows me to safely and securely log in to each of the safes and view analytics, run reports, and see the day’s take. As a slightly unusual bonus, we can use the smart safe to verify that the internet connection in our diner is working—and if it is, we inform our patrons to check their devices.”

The CashWizard Smart Safe also comes with multiple redundant security layers, including dead latch locking mechanisms and anti- pry doors. This provided Carl and upper management with peace of mind knowing that their hard-earned cash is well-protected when the diner closes for the night.

“To be completely honest, we have come to somewhat take the CashWizard Smart Safe for granted,” Carl remarked. “It works silently and reliably in the background, and if we ever need troubleshooting help, we can pick up the phone and call our dedicated account manager who will go above and beyond to ensure that they solve our problem.”