Protecting our money via good cash management practices and ensuring the safety of the Team Members is paramount to our success.

As the Controller for RPM Pizza, the largest Domino’s franchise in the U.S., Jeanne Quesenberry oversaw 175 stores in 5 different states. She was facing a recurring problem of theft and security for her Team Members.

Many of the stores are in neighborhoods where cash is used more often than cards. Even though each restaurant had a safe installed, some had limited functionality. Traditional safes provided little relief to the managers, who were forced to manually count cash and then make three trips to the bank per day to deposit the growing amount of money on hand. Many of the locations were open late into the night, increasing the risk of robbery attempts for the personnel running to the bank. As a result, there were recurring instances of theft and robberies in multiple locations.

Even in stores that had smart safes, there was little value from a security perspective due to their physical construction. Additionally, there was limited visibility in terms of cash management details and almost no capability to tailor the solution to the changing needs of RPM. This led Jeanne to look for a new smart safe solution. She first approached the manufacturer of her then-current line of smart safes for help but was met with indifference.

“My previous safe company was extremely hard to get a hold of. We were a large account, and surprisingly they only had one account rep assigned to us.” Jeanne said. “If I had an issue or question about one of my safes, the only contact options were email and voicemail. It was impossible to get a live human being on the phone. This led to unacceptable delays and extreme frustration on my part.”

“This caused me to look for a more responsive smart safe company that would be able to provide us with a solution that would allow us to efficiently manage our cash while simultaneously improving the safety and security of our Team Members,” said Jeanne. After some intensive comparisons and research, she finally settled upon the AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe.

“The CashWizard Smart Safe allowed us to vastly improve our security procedures and cash management practices. In stores that have smart safes, the money is deposited into the safe at the time of checkout. When compared to stores that still have traditional safes, this has dramatically reduced the number of hands that touch the cash until it reaches the bank. This leaves less room for human error, and managers no longer have to make multiple daily runs to the bank. It was obvious from the get-go that CashWizard offered more value than our previous smart safe company.”

With no counts to perform, the store managers and the Team Members were able to focus on providing excellent customer service and making the best-tasting pizza in town. This also prevented the awkward conversations that would take place between managers and cashiers in the event a drawer was short. It helped improve employee morale as the smart safe now counted the cash.

“The Cloud Portal was one of the deciding factors that led us to go with CashWizard. It is extremely user- friendly and allows me to remotely manage our fleet of smart safes directly from my office. I can see how much cash is on hand at any given store, manage access, and run a wide variety of helpful reports and analytics.”

Jeanne found another unexpected benefit from installing a fleet of CashWizard Smart Safes in her franchises.

“One of the best things I like about AMSEC is their customer service. Unlike my previous safe vendor, AMSEC has been extremely attentive to our needs and has a “let’s see what we can do to help you with that” type of attitude. It’s very refreshing and has made my job that much easier. The CashWizard Smart Safe has saved us more than $500k/yr. over our previous smart safe vendor.”



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