AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe gives us total peace of mind.

As the Director of Operations for The Halal Guys, a chain of restaurants that serves up delicious Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-flavored fast food, Joe faced a constant battle of his managers reporting “X” amount of dollars being deposited and the bank saying something different.

The banks have a cash-counting machine, so the errors always fell back on the managers—who had to count the cash by hand before they would make their twice-daily trip to the bank. To complicate things further, multiple people in each restaurant had total access to the money on hand—and combination to the safe.

Joe began to wonder why the cash count was wrong more times than it was right. Was it due to human error? Manager fatigue? Was someone stealing?

There was zero cash management oversight at the restaurants that Joe led because they used a traditional safe.

He began to search for a better way. “We were looking for a solution that would eliminate security and theft concerns as well as the inevitable issues that come with cash being handled by multiple people,” Joe said. “We also wanted to provide our investors with accurate reporting and more transparency.”

After a few days of intensive research, Joe found the solution he was looking for—the AMSEC CashWizard smart safe. It provided both the security and visibility that he was looking for.

“I realized that the only viable solution was to find a way where managers won’t have to count the deposit manually,” said Joe. “Before installing the CashWizard smart safe in our restaurants, the managers had to count and verify the bank deposit by hand. This led to a broken chain of cash custody with zero accountability— from the time the cashier put the money in the till until it was deposited into the bank.”

“Thanks to CashWizard, our managers don’t have to touch the cash deposit at all,” Joe said. “The second the cashier accepts money from the customer, they feed it directly into the bill reader, and it automatically gets deposited into the safe. It performs an instant counterfeit check and then creates a log of exactly how much cash we have on hand.

“At the end of the day, cashiers only have to count their drawers to the starting balance, and this prevents the inevitable confrontations that can occur between manager and employee when the drawer is short. On our end, we can remotely perform reconciliations without a manager or cashier being involved.”