smart safes for hotels and resorts

How American Security CashWizard Smart Safes Benefit Hotels and Resorts

With multiple points of sale (POS), hotels and resorts have greater success with the addition of smart safe technology.

Because hotels and resorts accept cash at so many different points of purchase, it’s vital that cash management is effective and accurate. There are restaurants, bars, the front desk, gift / flower shops, and sometimes other areas where cash is transacted. Using an AMSEC CashWizard Smart Safe can streamline both accuracy and profitability, making cash handling and management less a problem and more a solution.

From the time cash is accepted to the time it’s deposited, your cash can be safe from theft, counterfeit losses, and human error by using a CashWizard Smart Safe. Following are some points to consider for hoteliers and resort owners to ensure cash management is secure, manageable, and profitable.

Well-Trained Employees

With multiple employees handling cash in different areas of your hotel or resort, it’s vital they be properly trained on your cash management system. Even with advanced cash management systems in place, human error can still occur and result in painful revenue losses.

Selecting a smart safe cash management system, ensures your employees will easily learn and use the simple process. Employees value smart safe technology for several reasons. First, they don’t have to leave the premises to make deposits, alleviating the worry of discrepancies, whether internal or external. And well-trained employees are usually eager to share what they know with new employees, instilling more confidence in the team overall.

Access to Relevant Data

Fast access to relevant data empowers your hotel or resort to make better decisions. Our smart safe technology supports a broad set of reports that lets you harness and interpret your cash business. Having real time access to this kind of data enables your managers to make important decisions regarding staffing, security procedures, banking, and other cash handling procedures.

To achieve greater efficiencies in business is difficult without the right level of relevant smart safe technology. Important, real-time visibility of cash status can enable smart money management and maintain the agility needed to compete and grow. Here are some of these key advantages:

  • Web portal tools to view real-time cash status on digital devices
  • Safe reports to view cash status on-site
  • Ability to monitor multiple safes simultaneously, and across multiple locations
  • Cash trend analysis tools
  • Data breakdown by cashier, by department, by transaction type
  • API for integration with POS allows for the coordination between the point-of-sale system (POS) and the smart safe
  • On-screen guidance for cashiers of when to deposit cash into smart safe to avoid too much exposed cash

Established Security

Protecting your business from theft and fraud is important when you’re dealing with large amounts of cash, which can often be the case in hotels and resorts. A cash management solution that includes currency recyclers, cash counters, and cash management software will make your establishment’s cash management processes more secure, faster, and more efficient. You can avoid loss and maintain more productive, reliable employees.

Smart Safe Innovations from AMSEC

AMSEC was recently awarded a U.S. patent which governs the ability of its line of smart safes to automatically connect to a bank or third party to place a change order. Here’s how this recent innovation is a valued benefit.

AMSEC’s smart safes have secure chambers for receiving cash deposits and a sensor for counting the secured cash. The safes allow merchants to buy change in specific denominations. During the courier pick-up, the courier retrieves the cash deposited and delivers the change order. The customer is debited when the change order is placed and credited when the daily credit file is sent to the customer’s bank. This greatly simplifies reconciliation for the customer.

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