Keep your treasured items intact should the worst happen to your home

To truly protect the things you care about, there’s only one way to keep them in your house. A safe designed with fire protection in mind, like those produced by American Security, can keep your valuables safe from fire and other dangers. In most cases, they’ll do so even when the home itself is incinerated. If something is truly irreplaceable, entrust its protection to the reliability of an American Security fire rated safe.

The house had burned HOT and was still smoldering several days later when a friend got in to confirm its complete loss. But there was this safe still standing, begging to be opened.— Keri Y.Private Citizen After the 2018 Carr Fire

Small Fire-Resistant Safes

To keep your smaller valuables out of harm’s way, consider a small fire resistant safe. Jewelry, important documents, small firearms, and other small items can be kept secure from unauthorized access and otherwise catastrophic heat damage.

Large Fire Resistant Safes

If space is not a concern, you can protect larger items and larger quantities of them in one of our heavier duty fire resistant safes. Long guns, family heirlooms, important computing equipment, and valuable collections can all be kept safe from disaster in your home, making things just a little bit less traumatic when it comes time for cleanup.

Need Help Deciding?

Your safe should be tailored to your needs. Find the one that measures up to whatever you’re protecting.