Your guns and ammo, contained in unyielding security

Whether you’re a sportsman, survivalist, or want to add extra security measures to your home, how you store your firearms is a key component of gun safety. Explore gun safe options that fit your unique gun storage situation.

Part of being a responsible gun owner means taking control of how and when your guns are accessed. Only those whom you can safely trust to operate a firearm with your best interests in mind should be able handle your weapons. Your guns must be stored in a way that prevents accidental discharge from mishandling that can happen when they’re not properly secured.

A quality gun cabinet like those made by American Security is your first line of defense when it comes to safe storage of firearms. Determine the type of unit that’s required to store your full collection, in terms of size, number of guns, as well as ammo and accessories. Then choose the best quality gun safe that fits your criteria.

Gun Safe Owners Share Their Story: The Paradise Fire

The Paradise California Fire destroyed 13,972 residences and 528 businesses. When residents were allowed to return to where their homes once stood, the landscape was leveled except for a lone American Security gun safe. Although the hinges were burnt completely off, it still took locksmith, Mike Harper, 2.5 hours to drill out the lock and pry open the BF-7240.

When the door was finally opened Mike’s customer gasped with joy “the paperwork is still perfect – that’s all our birth certificates, pink slips, diplomas…look they’re perfect!” and looking over her gun collection she continued to marvel that they were in “perfect condition.”

Compact safes that hold your smaller firearms and accessories

Just because a gun is not large is not a reason to neglect proper storage and safety. No matter what caliber or model you have, it should be kept out of sight, away from anyone you do not want gaining access.

Gun cabinets for medium to large sized guns

Long-barreled firearms require a storage solution that takes their size into account. If you have one or more medium or large firearms, you need a safe that provides the necessary safety and security.

Safes for your entire armory of long-barreled weapons

Regardless of whether they’re used for sport or defense, ensure that your scatterguns are kept in storage that capably keeps everyone safe from misfires and unauthorized access. Your guns, your cabinet, your rules.

Need Help Deciding?

Your safe should be tailored to your needs. Find the one that measures up to whatever you’re protecting.