Achieve the highest security the safe market has to offer

Grocery stores stock a wide variety of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and cater to 29-30 million shoppers every day. With 32% of us paying in cash, that’s a lot of cheddar changing hands. But cash isn’t the only commodity that requires high security. Lottery tickets, gift cards and other specialty items need protection too. That’s why American Security has spent more than 75 years manufacturing the highest security the industry has to offer grocers.

Time-tested tradition and high security

Margins are slim in the grocery business, and profitability is sometimes in the pennies. Since 1946, American Security has offered a wide variety of customizable high security safe solutions to fit a grocer’s needs. Large or small, our safe solutions do it all, and are backed by the best safe warranty in the industry, plus 24/7 customer support. Choose from traditional TL-rated safes, traditional depository safes, or more modern cash management safes with cloud reporting for added loss prevention and more visibility.

The future of grocery store cash handling

Those grocers looking for the ultimate modernization of their cash handling operations can turn to CashWizard™ and reduce the risk of miscounts. With CashWizard safes from American Security, you’ll have the assurance that every bill has been accurately counted and safely locked away. With CashWizard, you can view your daily transactions from your desktop computer or smartphone in real time, gain valuable insights into your cash flow, be alerted when a safe is left open, or a courier misses a pick up, and prepare end-of-day reports in a snap. Save time and money by simplifying your cash handling.

Accurate counts

By counting each bill as it’s deposited in the safe, CashWizard takes over the cash counting for you. Advanced scanning technology knows exactly which denominations are being entered, and will detect and reject counterfeits instantly. No need for you to add up each note yourself or rely on the naked eye to determine trickery. In fact, CashWizard is such a reliable cash counting solution, many banks give provisional credit for deposits made to CashWizard before the money ever makes it to the bank.

Armored courier

Transporting cash is not a task for amateurs. Don’t endanger yourself, your team, or your livelihood by transporting your large cash deposits to the bank yourself. American Security safes also integrate with armored couriers that have the security, training, and equipment to handle large amounts of cash safely. What’s more only American Security has the patent pending technology that makes keyless courier services possible. With keyless courier technology your courier will never be locked out of your safe again helping to ensure timely pick ups and deposits so you can get on with your day.