Keeping control over your controlled medications

Abuse of opioids and other addictive substances has been the source of a major crisis in the United States in recent years. Pharmacies face security problems both from burglaries and employees themselves. It’s more important than ever to have a strategy that mitigates these threats. A pharmacy safe is an effective way to store and control access to the thousands of valuable substances that a pharmacy handles each and every day.

Secure storage options as unique as your patients

American Security’s pharmacy safes are explicitly engineered to the demanding specifications of the Board of Pharmacy, ensuring that you are compliant with current regulations. Additionally, each pharmacy safe uses a time-delay lock which pharmacists can trigger to stall criminals long enough for law enforcement to arrive. With adjustable shelving and your choice of lock, our pharmacy safes can easily adapt to your business’s unique storage needs and security concerns. Secure safe options include single door, two door and four door models – with or without rolling trays. All pharmacy safes come standard with time delay functionality.

Case Study: Walgreens protects patients, employees, and assets with time-delay pharmacy safes.

By using time-delayed pharmacy safes from American Security, Walgreens has made great efforts to combat thefts from their pharmacies. In over 30,000 stores, Walgreens has installed American Security’s time-delayed pharmacy safes which, in the event of a robbery, allow pharmacists to lock them for several minutes, allowing time for the police to arrive on the scene.

Serge Ahmad of Walgreens Security is proud of the decision to install American Security’s pharmacy safes, saying it was done with the intent of “patient safety, customer safety, and the safety of our assets–it’s a good decision.”

Take the risk out of cash payments for prescriptions

Theft of drugs and cash go hand-in-hand. Further reduce the risk of theft by switching to a smart safe like CashWizard™ to protect the health and safety of your employees and customers. CashWizard’s superior build includes dead-latch locking mechanisms and anti-pry doors and its user interface allows managers, employees, and store owners to interact with the safe, based on a set of pre-configured permissions. Each person is only given enough access to do his or her job. Event alerts can be created to send out custom emails whenever a specified events occurs, such as the safe reaches a specific dollar amount, or when the door of the safe is opened. The robust analytics and reporting system helps ensure complete and total accountability for all who interact with the safe.