Quick serve needs quicker cash management

Whether your specialty is burgers, burritos, sandwiches, falafel or pizza – consistency is key to your QSR’s success. And when “quick” is in the name of your business, every facet of your business must be approached with rigid consistency and agility – including your store’s ability to manage cash. And the smart money is on smart safes from American Security.

The Cloud Portal was one of the deciding factors that led us to go with CashWizard. It is extremely user friendly and allows me to remotely manage our fleet of smart safes directly from my office. I can see how much cash is on hand at any given store, manage access, and run a wide variety of helpful reports and analytics.” — Jeanne QuesenberryController, RPM Pizza

Smart safes serve up success in the quick serve restaurant industry

In an industry known for high employee turnover, securing cash from internal theft and accidental loss should be a priority for any loss prevention manager, treasurer or store owner. As should maximizing efficiency at the point of sale and in the back office. If your employees are still manually counting cash and reconciling end-of-day receipts, its time you made the smart switch to the CashWizard™ smart safe from American Security.

CashWizard uses state-of-the-art technology to automate most manual tasks that are prone to human error and theft while providing the c-suite with unparalleled visibility into daily cash transactions. Through our secure cloud platform, users can manage highly configurable settings and run customizable reports. This connectivity allows businesses to improve their cash management best practices and adds several additional layers of security and accountability. The average quick serve restaurant can save up to $7,000 in operations costs per store per year.

Other cash management and deposit solutions

Maximize your operational efficiencies in a number of different ways with a multitude of cash management and storage options from American Security. Our supremely built anti-pry and fish-resistant depository safes offer storage of cash, gift cards and spare or security keys. Choose from a variety of electronic locks offering different feature sets like time delay, time lock and multiuser configurations and finally have peace of mind knowing your most valuable assets are protected by our most valuable assets.

Cash Management Starts With CashWizard™️

Case Study

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RPM Pizza

As the Controller for RPM Pizza, the largest Domino’s franchise in the U.S., Jeanne Quesenberry oversaw 175 stores in 5 different states. She was facing a recurring problem of theft and security for her Team Members.
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