Less time with cash, more time on your specialties

Specialty retail stores are the lifeblood of the economy. Though useful, big box retail shops typically offer a little bit of everything, but lack the depth of unique items that a specialty store can. Whether you sell books, guitars, sporting goods, or something else, you’re passionate about your product, and you likely want to spend as much of your working time as possible focusing on it, and servicing your most discerning customers.

In a thrift store there are lots of small bills. We used to fill out reports when making cash drops to the bank and the whole process is now gone. They simply feed the safe and attach the receipt, which provides a record of who dropped what.— Teresa ColesController of Rescue Mission Alliance

Cash safes with brain and brawn

With American Security’s CashWizard line of safes, you can streamline your cash-handling process and get back to the real reason you got into business. By counting every note automatically as you put it into the safe, the CashWizard, cleverly keeps count of your deposit, saving you time and making it so you never have to worry about miscounts and their associated fees. The safe’s integration with the cloud allows you to remotely access cash-related data and automate many parts of your cash management processes. Strong and smart, CashWizard keeps your cash safely secured until it’s time to deposit. With CashWizard only schedule a courier when your safe is full and less fees, and less headaches.

Specialty storage and depository safes

Specialty storage is our specialty. Over the years specialty businesses like yours have paved the way for numerous innovations to our safe lines making American Security the safe brand recommended by more locksmiths than any other. Safely store register tills, change orders or commercial deposits with any one of a number of supremely built anti-pry and fish-resistant storage and depository safes. Choose from a variety of locks offering different feature sets like time delay, time lock and multiuser configurations and finally have peace of mind knowing your most valuable assets are protected by our most valuable assets.

Cash Management Starts With CashWizard™️

Case Study

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Thrift Store

In the non-profit world, every dollar counts. And so does every hour, especially when you have limited people resources.
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Specialty Retail Case Study