Stop Manually Counting Cash

Save your retail business time and money by simplifying change orders and cash management practices with the CashWizard™ point of sale security system.

At Carl’s Jr, over the past two years, we have not incurred any investigation costs normally associated with a lost deposit thanks to CashWizard.— Anne SullivanDirector of Loss Prevention, CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

The CashWizard Story

Our Smart Safes allow you to:

  • Streamline change-order placement and tracking.
  • Make fewer trips to the bank.
  • Gain online visibility into your cash deposits and change orders.
  • Securely store cash.

Why Customers Choose CashWizard

CashWizard Smart Safes automate many manual tasks that are prone to human error and theft so that…

– Your Money is safer.
– Your staff is less stressed.
– Your operations are simplified.
– Your costs are reduced.
– Your bottom line is better.

CashWizard™ Calculator

See how much the CashWizard can save you!

Improve Cash Handling with the Power of the Cloud

AMSEC Smart Safe Cloud Illustration

CashWizard’s industry-leading cloud-based technology reduces time spent on manual counts by providing easy access to analytics, critical business data, and daily reports.

Our patented change-order system helps you focus on running your businesses instead of making bank runs. CashWizard smart safes are programmed to include the following:

  • Bank cut-off times
  • Lead times
  • Denominational requirements
  • Minimum and maximum orders

To further save time, a standing order can be automatically placed when the change order is submitted.