Dealer Spotlight: David Ballestrausse of Northwest Safe Has What Cannabis Retailers Need to Protect Their Profits

How did you get started in the business of safe dealing?

Northwest Safe was started 33 years ago by my parents who were actually farmers at the time. They started off as consumers. They were looking for a solution in this area and found that there just was not a lot of options available. They couldn’t find what they wanted. They couldn’t get the service they wanted. They just were not happy by what was available in this local area. It was obvious that there was a need for this service, the demands and needs were not being met. So that’s how my dad started – it was just a side job and grew from there.

What is unique about your customers’ needs?

We started off catering to farmers, ranchers, sportsmen, and that was the majority of our business for years.  Over the years we have grown and expanded to meet the needs of those in the commercial marketplace as well.  I think people are just, in general, you know, looking for reliable safe options – and so we sell them the option that’s right for them. More and more of what we do has been on the commercial side. Here in Washington the retail cannabis industry is pretty robust. So those customers are typically looking to protect product, money, and guns.

What do you think has made your business successful over the years and how did it transition from a side job to a full-fledged enterprise?

We’re in this for the long haul! Every business makes mistakes but we have a really loyal customer base that has helped. I think one of the ways we obtained that loyal customer base first and foremost was that we wanted to make the customer happy, not simply make a profit. We know that if we make a customer happy, the profits are going to follow from that. Too many companies are focused on profits and say will say that can’t do XYZ because they won’t make any money. That’s not our focus. If mistakes are made, our focus is not on turning a profit any longer; instead, it is on making things right for the customer. And I think that has helped set us apart.

I think that’s very much in line with the values of American Security because your mission is really to protect what other people you know hold the most valuable.

What about American Security makes you want to do business with us the most?  

I can’t think of another manufacturer that has solutions for so many different people and with the same attention and quality the detail at every level.

What are the some of the misconceptions people typically have when they’re shopping for a safe for the first time?

There’s a variety of levels of education people have about safes. We have several tools on our showroom floor that I use to demonstrate the difference in construction between the various models. I show them safes that have been drilled, pried open and been through real fires. American Security does a great job of providing us with educational materials as well demonstrating the difference between their DryLight fill material and the standard drywall filler.

Customers are typically drawn to the really flashy models, the ones with high gloss finishes, and I help them realize that they’re not just for protecting guns – they’re going to use it to store important paperwork, home electronics, heirloom jewelry and other valuables.  So when they originally come into our showroom they’re thinking small and I show them how quickly they can outgrow a small safe.

What would you say the most significant advantage is of doing business with American Security?

Oh it’s the people! Great customer service and service techs. Renee and AJ are awesome. And your company’s history is a huge factor. You’re been around for 75 years and that tells me you’re not going to disappear overnight. Today there are so many overseas products and fly-by-night online retailers – they’re just there to make a buck, they’re not in it for the long haul. We’re not comfortable carrying products from those guys.  American Security makes me feel comfortable as a as a retailer – I can count on them to be around for a long time.

Thanks David.

To inquire about the kind of safe right for your needs in the Enumclaw, WA area, visit their massive 18,000 sq. ft showroom or check them out online Northwest Safe.