Turn a Cash Deposit Into a Digital Deposit

Cash is risky. It can also be expensive. And some say its dirty. But 32% of transactions here in the US are still conducted in cash every single day – in almost every type of retail business.

To streamline cash management operations, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike are turning to smart safes, like CashWizard. Through CashWizard and a courier service, many banks can conduct the majority of their transactions with a business remotely, not just for deposits, but for change orders as well. By keeping counts digitally and integrating fully with other services, CashWizard effectively cuts out the middleman, making for more efficient banking across the board.

With advanced and fully integrated cloud technology built in, CashWizard will count each note as it’s deposited in the machine, sidestepping the need to physically count it, and diminishing the probability of miscounts and associated fees. By keeping an accurate count of cash while securely locking it away, CashWizard’s patented Change Exchange feature integrates to numerous financial institutions and gives retailer’s the option to pay for a change order deposit while selecting change order denominations directly on the safe which eliminates reconciliation challenges and streamlines the cash management process.

Furthermore, banks can even leverage CashWizard safes into a lending opportunity, offering businesses a CashWizard safe as part of their loan, or using it as an incentive for new clients. This allows the bank to strengthen customer relationships and develop longer term contracts that strengthen their bottom line, while doing the same for their customers. Win-win!

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CashWizard can be used in conjunction with courier services or as a control point for operations where managers personally make bank deposits. CashWizard proudly works with the industry’s leading money transport and armored bank couriers.

Optimized cash pickups means that couriers need to take less trips for potentially small deliveries, saving time and money.

From the till to the safe, and onwards towards the armored courier and the bank itself, counting, containment, transit, and the final deposit, when your business uses CashWizard, every step of the cash handling process is made just a little bit easier.

Cash Management Starts With Cashwizard™️