How to Prepare Your Mobile Store Employees for a Smart Safe

Your mobile store employees have a lot on their plate. Customer service, sales, and activating phones require them to be on their toes and wearing multiple hats at once. When you throw cash management into the mix, it’s a recipe for disaster.

A smart safe can help reduce the chances of human error and allow your employees to focus on running the store. Implementation will require a small learning curve, but once they’re used to it, they will love how it alleviates several mundane and time-consuming cash management tasks.

We want to share with you five ways you can prepare your mobile store employees for the implementation of a smart safe:

Start with One

Smart safes are designed to make life easier on both employees and management, it can take some time to get everyone up to speed. This is why it’s best to start with one store. As your employees learn, so shall you.

You’ll quickly figure out the best ways to train your employees and be better able to respond to any questions that might arise. You can also use the first store as a test to try out new cash management practices and procedures. This way, you’ll be able to iron out the entire process so that you’ll have a proven game plan for implementation in your remaining stores.

Train, Train, Train

It’s an excellent idea to invest in training. Spend as much time as you need to train both managers and employees properly. This provides a great opportunity to adopt new accounting procedures as you take advantage of the multiple benefits offered by your new smart safe.  Video training allows for easy training of new employees when turnover occurs.

Your mobile store employees are used to technology—after all, they use it regularly to activate phones and troubleshoot problems. However, it might take them a few to get used to a new cash management process. It’s helpful to let your pilot program run for a few weeks to a month as this will allow your employees ample time to get up to speed and comfortable with the new procedures.


Adopting new technologies without explaining the reasons behind is where many mobile phone stores run into trouble. Some employees could potentially think that you’re incorporating smart safes because you don’t trust them.

Explain to them that the reason you added a smart safe was to help them with their jobs. A smart safe automates the counting and depositing of cash while simultaneously providing total transparency into every interaction with the register.

Your mobile phone store employees will no longer have to worry about being short on their register and the subsequent awkward conversation that they’ll have with the manager. It also serves as a robbery/theft deterrent—as cash is securely deposited into the safe, it prevents the tills from overfilling with money.

Finally, the automation provided by the smart safe frees up both the managers and the employees to focus on doing their job—not counting cash or dealing with one of many different issues that can arise with manual cash management.

Take Control of Your Cash Management

Adding a smart, safe, or fleet of smart safes to your mobile stores offers many benefits such as added security, improved efficiencies, and less human error. It will allow your store to implement better cash management procedures that will help improve your bottom line.

AMSEC CashWizard smart safes are the perfect choice for a mobile store. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of the AMSEC CashWizard line of smart safes, or would like to find a retailer, visit our contact page for more information.