We all have items that we consider valuable. Whether items hold an intrinsic monetary or practical value or are merely sentimental, these are the items that are important for us to hold onto because they are either very difficult and costly to replace, or outright irreplaceable. For items that fit into this category, many people choose to put a plan in place that prevents their theft or even destruction as a result of a cataclysmic event, natural or manmade.

Home safes are an effective element of such protective plans. Depending on the threats to which your home is vulnerable, the size of the items you hope to protect, and where you have room in your home, American Security engineers a wide variety of home safes in different shapes, sizes, and materials to protect your priceless items.

Personal Safes

Looking for a personal safe to keep your valuables secured? American Security produces a wide assortment of expertly engineered personal safes. Browse our home-use personal safes to see which one suits your home security needs.

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Digital And Electronic Safes

To cut down on moving parts and create a reliable and versatile safe that will last for years, American Security offers safes with digital locking mechanisms. This also allows you to set your own codes and set additional safeguards in place in the case of an attempted break-in.

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Small/Compact Safes

Protect smaller valuables with the same high standards you expect from American Security. When space is in short supply, these compact safes offer big-time safety and security for your important items.

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Need Help Deciding?

Your safe should be tailored to your needs. Find the one that measures up to whatever you’re protecting.