American Security Launches New Keyless Courier App, SureAccess™ to Armored Car And Retail Industries

Retailers will never miss a courier pick-up because of a lost or forgotten key again, thanks to safe company’s latest patent


FONTANA, CA (12/01/2022) – American Security, which in a short period of time has become one of the largest smart safe solution providers in the industry, today announced the launch of its new keyless courier app, SURE ACCESS™.  The invention is the latest patent to be filed by the 75-year-old company which has a long list of patents and industry firsts dating back to the early 1940s. SURE ACCESS™ is the first app of its kind designed with the retailer in mind, ensuring guaranteed access to depository safes without the use of a physical courier key.

In the retail environment, money is deposited daily into a traditional or smart safe that will be removed by an armored courier at a later date. To open the safe, a courier must have the designated key for that safe. But sometimes keys are forgotten, misplaced or a new safe is installed requiring the retailer to purchase a new key.  The courier may not be able to schedule a second trip to the customers’ location for a missing or non-working key which increases security risks and requires the retailer to deviate from their standard cash handling procedures.

“With thousands of safes in the retail environment today, we see first-hand how frustrating a missed pick up can be to store managers, corporate reconciliation departments and cash logistics operators,” commented Donny McKay, VP of Marketing and Engineering, American Security. “The solution was to create an app that eliminated the need for a physical key.”

SURE ACCESS™ is a patent-pending technology that puts safe access in the palm of armored car courier’s hands and is exclusively available with CashWizard™ smart safes and SafeWizard™ smart locks. After enabling the safe with SURE ACCESS™ and assigning the safe to the courier, all an armored courier must do is arrive on site, scan the safe’s QR code with a smart device, and enter a confirmation code on the safe to securely authenticate. The safe verifies the code and unlocks the door.


“Features like SureAccess enable our team to succeed every time. Knowing that we don’t depend on a unique key to complete a pickup improves our operational efficiency. Without the need for a key, we can even add unscheduled pickups after the truck leaves the branch,” commented Chris Block, President, SafeDEPOSIT Company, Inc.

The cost to replace a courier key can be more than $100 when considering hardware, labor, and logistics to arrange for a replacement key.  For retailers with hundreds of store fronts, the cost to replace those keys can be staggering year over year. Often times, retailers have to manage coordinating the ordering and shipment of the replacement keys, which takes time away from their main duties.  Missed pick-ups can create tension between the retailer and armored car providers, and SURE ACCESS™ combats that by providing couriers with a tool that gives them guaranteed access every time they approach the safe.

About American Security

American Security, founded in 1946 and based in Fontana, CA, is the largest manufacturer of US-made custom home and commercial safes. American security is the safe brand preferred by more locksmiths than any other brand offering the best in burglary and fire protection for home or office. Our full line of safes include gun safes, high security safes, burglary and fire safes, digital safes, utility safes, depository safes, pharmacy safes, and smart safes. For 75 years American Security has led the safe and security industry in innovation, developing new and patented technology with the help of our customers to help protect what’s most valuable to them. If it’s got be safe, it’s got be American Security.