In-safe storage cabinets for optimal accessibility

The inside of a safe is a blank canvas waiting for you to decide how you want to lay your design out. Many people choose to design storage cabinets for their organization. Our finely crafted, American-made cabinets add valuable functionality and convenience to your AMSEC product, helping you to make optimal use of your available space.

Maximize your in-safe storage space

AMSEC’s U.S.-made storage cabinets open up a world of storage opportunities. Our solid-wood maple cabinets come in two-drawer and four-drawer varieties, depending on your needs, both of which will easily fit inside most AMSEC safe types — including our gun safes, burglary and fire safes, and CE/CF/CSC models — thanks to their recessed drawer pulls.

In addition to firearms, a cabinet allows you to safely store smaller items within your safe, such as important documents, heirlooms, electronics, and more. Upper cabinet drawers have space for small items, while lower drawers can accommodate bulkier belongings.

Each cabinet drawer is lined with a soft, elegant red felt and a variety of jewelry organizer inserts that can be removed as you see fit. Heavy-duty ball-bearing drawer glides mean jammed drawers can never happen with an AMSEC safe — you’re guaranteed a hassle-free user experience for the long life of your safe. Would you expect anything less from America’s preferred security product manufacturer?