Dehumidify for safer storage

You’ve invested thousands of dollars into your firearm collection to protect your family, hunt your own food, and enjoy target shooting. Don’t let something as simple as humidity be a reason you lose it. Learn why a dehumidifier is necessary for safes in moist and coastal climates.

If your climate is humid, your valuables are at risk

Ideally, your safe should be kept at a humidity level between 30% and 50% and at a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the air is any more moist than that, the metal and wooden components of your guns can rust and warp.

If you notice moisture early enough, you can try to prevent further damage by drying off each piece in your collection, but that’s a time consuming task — and it doesn’t stop moisture damage from continuing to happen. Guns aren’t the only items at risk within a safe, either. If your bullets rust and corrode, you’ll have to dispose of them. Humidity can even ruin important documents and delicate silver.

So how do you combat humidity damage to your prized possessions? It’s a more simple and affordable solution than you’d think — get a dehumidifier. This small and inexpensive item provides 24/7 protection against moisture damage, mold, and rust. Reliable and American made, trust an AMSEC dehumidifier to provide that extra level of protection you rely on.