Premium protection for your finest jewelry

Your precious gems are likely one of the primary reasons you purchased a safe in the first place. Cradle them in premium protection with one of our fine jewelry drawers custom-designed to be easily installed in any AMSEC safe.

Simplify your safe organization with jewelry drawers

If your necklaces, watches, bracelets, and rings rest in disarray within your safe, they can become tangled, scratched, tarnished, or lost. Our well-organized jewelry drawers not only enhance the functionality of your AMSEC safe, but they will also keep your jewelry in pristine condition. No more rummaging around a disorganised box only to find the necklace you seek is stuck to your favorite bracelet in a gnarly knot!

Our jewelry drawers are lined with soft, delicate felt to preserve the beauty and condition of your most cherished pieces. Keep each jewelry type in its own compartment so you can quickly grab them and go when you access your safe. You can also display your collections in ways that will inspire your next ensemble. Our jewelry drawers fit into large and small safes and maximize the enjoyment you get from your jewelry, with several drawer layouts to choose from. All your jewelry is safe and sound in one convenient, easily accessible location.