A place for everything, and every pistol in its place

Inside your gun safe, organization is everything. For the optimal use of your guns and ammo, it's important to have an intuitive place for each item that allows you to get in, grab what you need, and get out quickly. That's why American Security offers accessories such as pistol racks for our safes, so you can have a designated area that neatly and comfortably houses each item, preventing dings and scratches on your items and facilitating ease of use.

It’s imperative when storing guns and ammo that they be stored properly. Make sure that your handguns are safely racked in such a way that they don’t bump into each other. Even minor bumps and scratches can become a starting point for rust, which can spell an early demise for your weapon. Make sure that each gun is unloaded while stored, but continue to treat each gun as if it were still loaded. Position your pistol rack so that each gun is pointed toward the back of the safe. This ensures that a misfire while retrieving a pistol from the safe won’t be pointed directly at you.