Floored by discreet positioning

A square door floor safe is a great solution for home-owners looking for an easily concealable and ultra-secure method of storing their valuables. With the same tough construction you've come to expect from American Security, along with the ability to easily embed them within a concrete floor, floor safes offer the ultimate security for your items.

Designed for ultimate discretion, floor safes are highly effective when you need a secure storage option that can be easily covered, or completely removed from view for those who don’t already know it’s there. A simple rug or other floor covering can render this safe undetectable to burglars and unauthorized people.

Many of our square-door floor safes can hold even more than what their door suggests. By allowing the door to protrude slightly from the body of the safe, these models seal the rest of the safe securely under concrete, creating a hidden compartment that can hide and protect even more valuables than is apparent from the dimensions of the door.