Stealth, safety, and security, all in one

Securely mounted between wall studs and easily concealable, a small fire proof wall safe is an ingenious way of keeping your valuable items not only hidden but protected in the event of a house fire. A recessed safe in the wall is a space-saver that allows you to make better use of your home while minding the security of your most cherished possessions.

When you hear the words “fire proof” it may bring to mind an item that is completely impervious to flames. However, this gives an incorrect idea of what is possible. Depending on the amount and types of fuel being burned and the oxygen available to it, fire can reach some quite extreme temperatures, which makes it hard to consider something truly impervious to it without qualifying the conditions and time frames.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent quality assurance and safety certification company, rates scales based on how long they can be exposed to external temperatures of 1,700ºF, while still maintaining under 350ºF on the inside of the safe. For example, if a safe can meet those conditions for over an hour, it will earn a UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating. This is a measure of fire resistance, a more precise correct designation.

As house fires run an average of 1,100ºF, you’ll know that a highly-rated in-wall fireproof safe from American Security will not only hide your cherished items, but will keep them in pristine condition even in the event of a disaster.