Rifles safely stored the right way

Hunters, survivalists, and gun enthusiasts will all tell you that a quality rifle is a handy tool in any marksman's toolkit. No matter how many you happen to own, make certain that your long-barreled weapons are secured in a proper rifle gun cabinet.

Long gun safes are ideal for anyone looking to keep their rifle collection out of harm’s way. Although other guns and accessories will likely fit, it’s particularly important to make sure that your largest gun has enough space to allow careful placement into, and removal out of the safe. This is an important factor to consider in the storage of all guns, and rifle storage in particular.

Consider where you plan to place your rifle cabinet within your house. It should be out of the way enough so as not to attract undue attention, and well away from moisture. Make sure that the area you choose has well-circulated dry air, because moisture can damage your firearms, making them more dangerous to you as the user.

Overcrowding rifles when placing them in storage can cause surfaces to be scratched. This is a problem because even the most minor bump can make a scratch that becomes a starting point for rust.

Check our catalog to find the most useful storage option that fits your specific needs. With our variety of different styles, capacities, and shelf configurations to choose from, American Security has the gun storage solution for your rifles, ammo, and accessories.