Vault Doors

Installing a vault door is the best way to secure a walk-in space for use as a strongroom, gun room, safe room, or storm shelter. With an American Security Vault Door, you can convert any enclosed area into a powerfully-protected vault. The 2” thick door is constructed of solid steel plate filled with our proprietary DryLight® insulation to defend against break-ins and extreme heat. The door further provides smoke and fire protection with its dual fire seals – a silicone seal on the door jamb and expandable Palusol™ seal on the door. Ten massive 1½” chrome-plated bolts safeguard the vault room from being breached.

The door is available in a variety of finishes and paint textures and features a Safety Lock Release, for easy exit from the room. Additionally, when equipped with an electronic lock, the door can be closed and locked from the inside for use as a safe room.