Impenetrable high-security safes for your high-value assets

Industrial-grade construction your company can rely on

Your business, whether a bank, jewelry store, dispensary, or pawn shop, deserves vault-like security for irreplaceable goods. A lot of safe companies like to say they’re the best, while employing cheap and shoddy designs that leave your valuables vulnerable. Even if their safes have decent anti-theft mechanisms, an ineffectual construction will still render them useless.

The efficacy of our safes can be attributed to the thickness and durability of our 3.5”–6.5” steel walls and doors — the first line of defense against fires and robberies. Our safety-rated safes are resistant against attacks by drills, sledgehammers, power saws, chisels, and more for up to 30 minutes.

Trust our heavy-duty, versatile, and user-friendly safes to provide the best protection money can buy. We have high-end and economical options all in stock. Each one is proudly American-made, just as they have always been.