AMVAULT TL-15 High Security Safes

AMVAULT TL-15 High Security Safes provide first-class protection from fire and theft for your back-office valuables – keys, cash, coins, jewelry, confidential documents, and other precious items. These commercial-grade safes come in a variety of sizes and have earned the coveted U.L. listed TL-15 label, for their ability to endure rigorous break-in attempts using tools such as sledgehammers, power saws, carbide disc cutters, and drills for 15 minutes.

AMVAULT TL-30 High Security Safes, a key part of the same product family, have successfully withstood the same arduous onslaught for 30 minutes, earning them an elite U.L. listed TL-30 classification.

All AMVAULT safes also carry two-hour, 350-degree Fahrenheit factory fire test certifications, and are equipped to defend your vault's precious contents against intense heat and fire.