Small and tough

Space often comes at a premium. When that’s the case, and you’re shopping for a safe, you might have to shop small. But don't let looks deceive you. American Security’s small safes offer BIG protection against burglary and fire. Our small and compact safes are proof that valuable things can still be stored in small packages. Keep your items secured with a minimal footprint and without compromising strength and security.

A safe in the home is an excellent way to store valuable and irreplaceable items. Whether you’re storing cash, important documents, jewelry, family heirlooms, or treasured keepsakes, it’s smart to have a solution in place that keeps your things unbothered by unwelcome hands and natural disasters. Take a look around your home and consider which items might benefit from the added security of a personal home safe. Your smaller valuables and items can easily be secreted away with safety and protection in a compact home safe.

Shop American Security’s selection of smaller safes today to find one that offers the level of protection you’re looking for.