Group II Combination Safe Lock

Group II

  • Three brass and aluminum combination wheels provide 1,000,000 theoretical combinations.

  • Dual brass locking cams prevent wheel slippage.

  • Solid brass locking bolt and zinc drop lever.

  • Four-way brass drive cam allows mounting RH, LH, VU or VD.

  • Internal spring-loaded brass relock trigger guards against punch attacks.

  • Standard mounting footprint matches most mechanical and electronic safe locks.

  • Large front-read convertible dial and ring.

  • Both dial and ring are die cast with black finish and white letters.

  • A solid, machined brass spindle – 4 7/8”.

  • Can be converted to a key-locking dial with a disc tumbler key cylinder and two keys.

  • Comes standard with an attractive self-stick solid dial insert or a key-locking dial insert.

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