SafeWizard II Electronic Safe Lock

SafeWizard II

  • Supports time delay and time lock.

  • 120,000-record audit trail.

  • Supports up to 500 users, each of whom can have unique privileges.

  • Network access via Ethernet.

  • Manage system configuration and users through the cloud.

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All components communicate through an encrypted network
Supports dual control and armored car pickups
Supports time delay as a deterrent to robberies
Supports time lock restricted access to defined operating hours
120,000-record audit trail
Supports up to 500 users, each of whom can have unique privileges
PIN code and/or Electronic keys for authentication of users
Door and bolt sensors detect if a door has been left open or has been tampered with
Battery backup for 8 hours of power-out operation
Backup database secured inside of safe


Network access via Ethernet
Local firmware upgrades via USB
Supports up to 12 door locks and one deposit lock
Multiple lock designs support access control of safe doors, lockers and drawers
Each lock is individually configured for all access control parameters and user access


Manage system configuration and users through the cloud
Remote firmware upgrades
Sends alerts via text message or e-mail
Safes can be managed individually, as a group or for the whole enterprise
Flexible reporting


Wrong try count penalty lockout
Auto purge idle users option
Forced PIN changes
Duress/hold-up alarm
Burglary alarm output
Holiday schedule, up to 16 events per year
Automatic daylight savings
Deposit tracking system
Built-in system diagnostics
English, Spanish, French and German (coming soon)
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