Protect Your Family, Home, and Firearms with a Top Quality Gun Safe.

If you own a firearm, a first-class gun safe is a must-have.

There’s plenty of conversation these days on the subject of guns, gun safes, and safety in general, no matter where you get your news. Needless to say, gun safety is foremost in the minds of gun owners, especially those with families. There are many reasons to own a reliable, quality gun safe, as well as what you need to know about making the best choice.

Gun Safety for Your Family

There are far too many cases of children who are killed because of poor gun storage in the home. Your first priority as a caring parent is the security of your children. That means keeping them from having access to your firearms. A quality gun safe is the only solution. Even if you think you have the ideal, hidden place for a gun, it’s far too risky to rely on it. A gun safe is the best option. Your children are safe and so is your firearm.

Multiple laws have been created to prevent access to guns by kids. The Child Access Prevention Law states: Gun owners are bound to keep their firearms in safe and secure places such as gun safes so children cannot access them.

Protection from Theft

When burglaries occur, firearms are high on the list for stealing. Not only are your firearms valuable, but when stolen they can be used in various criminal activities. If you are a gun collector, you stand to lose even more. Gun collections can be costly and sometimes impossible to replace. The advanced features of modern gun safes  include biometrics, solid steel construction, and a secure, solid-state locking system, all of which are bad news for the bad guys.

Highly Fire-Rated Gun Safes

Your gun safe needs protection, too, and a highly fire-rated gun safe  is the best solution. Safes that are tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent governing body that certifies global companies on safety and quality standards are the highest fire-rated gun safes on the market. UL fire resistance testing is performed testing the gun safe against temperatures in excess of 1700ºF.

Faster Loss Recovery with Insurance

It is a requirement by insurance companies to store your gun in a gun safe in order to be fully covered. It’s always better to secure your firearms in a certified safe.. When you provide the insurance companies with a safe certification, they enable faster recovery of losses in case of theft or damage. In addition, you may actually get a discount on your insurance for having a gun safe.

Protect Your Gun Ownership Rights

Avoid the risk of being sued for poor handling of your firearms. If an accident occurs, it can become a legal nightmare. But if your gun is properly locked inside a gun safe, you are not only a responsible gun owner, but also a good citizen. Try to not get caught up in state laws because of poor safety habits. When you make the long-term investment of a gun safe you are also investing in the safety and well-being of your family and community.